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On the 25th of April 2015, Nepal was hit by a severe earthquake. This earthquake and up-following earthquakes resulted in enormous personal losses and widespread devastation: almost 9.000 Nepalese people died, more than 14.000 people became injured, more than 500.000 houses were demolished and 3 million people became homeless.

Support for Nepal is still needed!

• Large areas of villages and cities remain in ruins and are still covered by debris. Displaced families have to make do with living in a plastic tent, pitched on soft mud, and Nepalese winters are bitterly cold.

• The poor have been affected most severely, since their poorly-constructed houses were not able to withstand the enormous forces of the earthquake.

• School buildings have been ruined and for months, children have had no lessons.

• The Nepalese economy has deeply been affected, since tourists have chosen to stay away after the earthquake and the ensuing political crisis (tourism is one of the most important sources of income).

Support Nepal: donate to these local organizations

Via this link we provide a list of local Nepalse aid organizations which all have been involved in good projects in the fields of education, healthcare and human rights, and in which we put our trust in.

• These organizations are all deeply imbedded in Nepalese society, delivered support and initiated relief activities directly after the earthquake, and they are committed to continue doing so in the future.

• After the earthquake we sent a questionnaire to these organizations regarding their goals, their organizational structure and the support actions they have been involved with since the earthquake struck. Their answers are presented on this website.

Thanks a lot!

We hope that you will want to donate to one of the mentioned organizations. In return you may download one of these photo's on this website for your own use. You are also invited to spread these pictures any further, provided that this website is mentioned.




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